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Delicious autumn!

Опубликовано: November 23, 2013 в 7:55 pm

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FINALLY I got a chance to finish up editing the set I shot last month. It was a stylized indoor session about my almost favourite season! Love the sweetness of this session, autumnal colours, and especially my adorable little David.


Isn’t it fun to be one!

Опубликовано: November 8, 2013 в 9:33 pm

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Sweet little Vera turns one. It is a great milestone for both her and her parents! And it’s all about memories. I was lucky enough to photograph this little lady when she was 1 month old, and yet, nearly a whole year has passed since then!  She has blossomed into such a beautiful and happy little girl! It was a pure joy for me to photograph her.


I asked Mom to bring some items that Vera loves, or that is so precious for them both. And she brought a dress, the dress! The one that was on her when she turned 1! Can you imagine that? A Vintage Lace Dress! I love things that can tell a story, and this little dress can definitely do it.