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Two for Tea and Tea for Two

Опубликовано: January 15, 2015 в 3:44 pm

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My little David is turning 2 in January, and I’ve been trying to think of ways of celebrating his birthday. We had such a blast planning his 1st birthday: it was a nautical party (some photos from that event can be seen here).

I really want him again to have something a little special this year. He is so excited about “Happy Birthday to you” that he wants to blow out the candle every time I light them in the house.

In my opinion, for small kids smaller and more intimate parties are best, and home is still a good place to celebrate a toddler’s birthday party. We’ve invited David’s 4 little friends with their moms. I am doing a morning party since children of this age still take afternoon naps which make mornings a good time for the party.

As for the theme, I’ve decided to throw a tea party. My vision is to have a warm cosy ambiance feel for the small company we are going to host, and to also compensate frosty winter days with some warm tea)) As for the colour pallette, I consider brown, beige, creamy and of course white. Again, they will complement the party theme and will keep it classy.

While I am all into planning David’s Tea-riffic party, here are some photos I’d like to share with you from our thematic photo session we had a couple of days ago. It was such a fun session!