Isn’t it fun to be one!

November 8, 2013

Sweet little Vera turns one. It is a great milestone for both her and her parents! And it’s all about memories. I was lucky enough to photograph this little lady when she was 1 month old, and yet, nearly a whole year has passed since then!  She has blossomed into such a beautiful and happy little girl! It was a pure joy for me to photograph her.


I asked Mom to bring some items that Vera loves, or that is so precious for them both. And she brought a dress, the dress! The one that was on her when she turned 1! Can you imagine that? A Vintage Lace Dress! I love things that can tell a story, and this little dress can definitely do it.


Her mom found her the cutest little dress and matching head band that she talentedly made herself  for this session.  It was just gorgeous to look at and so comfy to touch.


I so totally enjoy the company of this sweet family!  Happy First Birthday to you Miss Vera!