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First Birthday Party Decor & Planning

Опубликовано: January 5, 2014 в 7:17 pm

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In less than one month I am hosting a dinner party. It is my little David’s first birthday! Even though he will never remember that day, I would definitely like to invite the closest friends and celebrate it with them. David’s first birthday carries a special significance to me, as it marks not only an important milestone in his life, but also my first year as a Mom, too.

As soon as we decided that yes we do want a birthday party, I started to think on the theme, and it didn’t took me long to come upon the idea of having a nautical themed dinner party. I became obsessed with that idea! I spent a lot of time trying to gather as  much inspiration for decor elements as I could. The colour palette I chose for the party was navy blue, red and white. Then I started to check out shops for decor and see what fits the theme and colour scheme. I recorded every single idea that came across my mind that I wanted to do and added to my list. Yes, I am a huge planner and a big list maker.

Everything for the decor has been delivered in time: DIY printable nautical banner, navy garlands, anchors, ribbons, starfish, etc. I have some vision in my head how to assemble all them.

I have some nice ideas for the dinner menu as well. At first, I thought to have some takeaway food but then I decided to do all the cooking myself. I am a do-it-all myself kind of person and can do nothing about it.

Now the really fun part starts!