Every photo has its story

May 3, 2012

Yesterday I was organizing my stuff on the hard drive (I am an everything-should-be-in-order kind of girl) and came across a folder with some photos taken in May, 2010 by my first DSLR camera (yes, only 2 years ago). I looked through the photos quickly, they were my first shots while I was trying to figure out the camera pre-sets, playing with composition and with the ambient light. My first model was my friend (I assume the scenario is same with every photographer-to-be person).

I would like you to meet my best friend Tatiana. She is a beautiful girl, smart, educated, with a sense of humour, and always in good mood. She is a shopaholic and a travel geek!

I believe that we can have a lot of childhood friends, some good friends, and nice colleagues… but only ONE best friend. She is my friend, and she is the best!