Lena: Portrait Session

May 24, 2012

Recently I’ve registered at different photography sites, where photographers share their works, become virtual friends, and everyone can get analytical and constructive critiques. This week I posted a couple of the photos taken at different period of times to Toronto Photo Club and today one of them became Photo of the Day, and it is […]

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Creative Photography Project

May 15, 2012

I just got home from having a simply wonderful day. Actually I have been waiting for that day since I decided to participate in a creative project. So I developed my concept, all the necessary props for its realization were bought, I talked to the model about the details of this stylized photo shooting, and […]

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Every photo has its story

May 3, 2012

Yesterday I was organizing my stuff on the hard drive (I am an everything-should-be-in-order kind of girl) and came across a folder with some photos taken in May, 2010 by my first DSLR camera (yes, only 2 years ago). I looked through the photos quickly, they were my first shots while I was trying to […]

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